#StrawFreeChester will only work with the support of everyone, so please get involved anyway you can.

What you can do

  • Stop using single-use plastic drinking straws (unless you really need one) when you’re out and about, and at home.
  • Encourage anyone supplying drinks to stop using single-use plastic drinking straws.
  • Get involved with the campaign – follow us on social-media, this website, come to our meetings, get in-touch!

If you’re a business serving drinks

  • Don’t automatically give out a single-use plastic drinking straw with drinks – only give them out if customers request them.
  • Have a plan to move over to fully compostable or biodegradable, or reusable, straws.
  • Fill out our pledge form and let us know you’re supporting #StrawFreeChester.

You can also donate some money to our fighting fund! This is done through Friends of the Earth Chester and District’s #ZeroWasteCheser campaign.