Our aim is to make Chester the first city in the UK to stop using single-use plastic drinking straws. We want to achieve this by:

  1. Business & organisations to only give out a plastic drinking straw if a customer specifically asks for one
  2. Every customer in Chester to only ask for a drinking straw if they really need one
  3. Everyone in Chester to move towards using paper or reusable drinking straws

#StrawFreeChester is Phase 1 of the Friends of the Earth Chester & District #ZeroWasteChester project and forms part of the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Coastlines status for Chester.

It’s estimated the Chester uses up to 300,000 straws a day. You use a straw for about 20 minutes to drink your coke or gin and tonic and then it goes straight in the bin. That little drinking straw will stick around for hundreds of years because most of the plastic we use simply gets dumped into landfill, and plastic doesn’t break down like cardboard or paper.

Even worse is that lots of plastic finds its way into our natural habitats, especially the seas and oceans where it can cause horrendous harm.

That’s why Dr Christian Dunn started the campaign, and why Helen Tandy, as co-ordinator with Friends of the Earth Chester & District, and her team have thrown all the group’s energy and passion into supporting it, along with the Chester Conservatives and a host of other dedicated supporters.